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These services may be required if your device has suffered certain types of more complex failures. For example, if your media has mechanical damage, cleanroom work may be necessary

Advanced Services

These are items related to uncommon additional labor needed to recover your media. These items are not caused by the data loss itself but simply the configuration of your device.

Data Recovery

If you have lost important data, and require full-service professional data restoration to securely get your data back, You will receive your lost data via online or a new storage device.

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Portable and External USB Hard Drives Recoveery

External Hard Drives play a major role in data storage for businesses and non-commercial users alike. All external Hard Drives contain standard hard drives and, more often than not, failure can be attributed to this drive. Occasionally, though, a problem with the external unit can be the cause of data loss. In order to determine

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We offer data recovery from all kind of RAID, non-RAID and hybrid RAID Arrays. Supported configurations – RAID 0;1; 5; 01,10, 30 50, 55, 60, JBOD. Among them, RAID5 is widely used. Such kinds of arrays distinguish by their cost efficiency. They have reserve thanks to the volume of one of the discs in the arrays. This case contributes to continuation of work of

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Data Recovery in Bahrain

Data recovery solutions to get your data off your broken hard drives, flash drives, SD cards and more. We are able to extract lost data from Hard Drives including the most popular drive types IDE, SATA, eSATA, SD Cards, Memory Chips,NAS, SAS, SCSI, Server, RAID array hard drives. If you have lost important data, and require

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What Our Client Say

After visiting 3 computer repair shops in Bahrain and being told my hard drive was not salvageable, I had almost given up until I came across Vinu and his team at Hyper tech. They were very professional, very helpful and eventually extracted my 6 years worth of data. I am very thankful to his team and would recommend him to facing similar issues.

Laura Shupp

( CEO )

"I am so pleased as Hyper tech date recovery specialists managed to recover all of my thousands of photographs and Videos which I stupidly didn't back up. Service was great and fast. The service wasn't cheap, but they kept in touch with me the entire time, and were professional and friendly throughout. And they recovered my data too!" -

Nadar Rashdan

( Teacher )

"Our RAID-5 failed after two hard drives went down with mechanical issues. Data Recovery Specialists were recommended and they immediately responded to our enquiry. On reciept of the RAID hard drives they expedited the data recovery process and 24 hours later I would definately use them again, but I am hoping we don't have any more data recovery issues!"

John Lijo

( Account Manager )

Outstanding! VINU is a magician, from what looked like a lost cause he managed a complete recovery on a severely damaged and complex WD external drive that contained 2TB of irreplaceable content. For the, time, effort and level of work undertaken the price too was reasonable. Great guy, outstanding service, very hard to express just how thankful I am.


( Manager )

Emergency data recovery in 24 hours! Your data is safe in our hands!